Cities of Arts and Crafts


Revel, city of art furniture

Revel claims the title of city of art furniture. Quality cabinet making has deep roots here thanks to the workshops and professionals who perpetuate this tradition.

The Museum of Wood and Marquetry allows you to understand this close link between local cabinetmakers and woodworking through a multimedia and artistic journey

Martres-Tolosane, city of earthenware art

The Martraise tradition of craftsmen is still very much alive. Five craftsmen continue the tradition of artistic earthenware that has made the locality famous. The Martres style is given by hand-painted motifs of flowers and birds, such as the famous polychrome ibis, inspired by Moustier earthenware. The history of this craft activity is evoked through the Heritage Interpretation Centre called Angonia the ancient Roman name of the town.

Martres-Tolosane, City of Arts and Crafts, highlights the traditional know-how of its faience makers through the Salon des Arts et du Feu organized every year during the All Saints’ Day weekend. Artists and art lovers meet there around a beautiful selection of professional exhibitors.

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