Accessible holidays

Accessible holidays are, for all people in a situation of disability or temporarily prevented, offers of accommodation that can be adapted to their expectations.

We have listed them in several chapters, which we invite you to consult:

  • Tourism & Handicap
  • On the same level

Tourism & Handicap

Created by the Ministry of Tourism in 2001, the state brand Tourism & Handicap responds to the demand of people with disabilities to be able to choose their holidays and leisure activities in complete freedom and safety. Our labelled accommodation is open to all and is designed to allow maximum autonomy to the people they welcome.

The brand takes into account the four families of disabilities to develop a tourism offer adapted to people with disabilities:

  • auditory
  • mental
  • engine
  • visual
    The pictograms on each reception structure make it possible to identify the handicaps taken into account.

On one level

Do you have, momentarily or not, any difficulties in moving around? Are you traveling with a baby, a senior citizen?

We have selected for you accommodation on one level, without stairs, on the ground floor or garden level, or accessible by lift.

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